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Branka Besevic Gajic joins the Eternity Pictures professional community

Branka Besevic Gajic is an award-winning film and television director, drama and audiovisual artist, PhD, creative producer and screenwriter from Serbia. She is a member of the prestigious European Film Academy based in Berlin. She completed her master's degree at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade under the guidance of Professor Goran Pekovic, obtaining a master's degree with the film "House of Angels", in which she acted as a screenwriter and director, becoming a pioneer of the crime thriller.

Branca devoted her doctoral thesis to directing films in digital media, making an interactive feature film on the subject of partner violence, which she defended at the Belgrade University of the Arts. As a film director, he has the status of an independent artist of the Association of Cinematographers of Serbia. She made her debut with the film Lausch, which illuminates through the prism of a tragic moment the darkest secrets of our near past and the tragedies of one evil time. After the premiere in Belgrade at the Sava Center, the film received wide distribution in Serbia and the region, after which it went to film festivals in America, Australia, South Africa, Russia and China. Laush has been shown in Toronto, New York, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Wolagonga, Melbourne, Canberra, Beijing, Johannesburg, and received awards and recognition in Moscow for its direction and artistic contribution.

She currently works at MS-Film Production, where she has signed a contract for the documentary Testimonies (2020) and the feature film The Gift of Miloy (2022).
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Branka Besevic Gajic