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Italian director Andrea Lodovichetti joined the Eternity Pictures Alliance

An insider of the company reported that on the night of February 13-14, after a three-hour dialogue with the company's management, the official inclusion of Italian director and producer Andrea Lodovichetti into the alliance of Eternity Pictures took place. The details of the conversation are not disclosed, but here is what is known from the words of an insider:

Of course, Andrea is a talented director and the interest shown on his part in the company could not go unnoticed. The dialogue began immediately, without much correspondence.

Lodovichetti received his cinematographic education first at the University of Bologna in DAMS (Discipline Delle Arti, Della Musica E Dello Spettaccolo), and then received a director's degree at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - the oldest film school in Western Europe, which appeared in Rome in 1935.

According to the director of the film company Igor Garin, the dialogue was conducted not only about joining the alliance, but also about the inclusion of Lodovichetti in the jury of the III film festival session, which will be held at the end of 2022.

In fact, we were very surprised that a person of this level showed interest in our company. It's not every day that we receive personal letters from people who worked with the Oscar—winning director," Garin commented.

And indeed, in 2006, Andrea was an assistant to the Italian Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino on the project "Family Friend", and in 2008 he also worked on the project "Divo".

Among Lodovichetti's most prestigious awards is the "Looking for Genius Award" from the "Bablegum" Film Festival, presented to him at an event held in Cannes in 2008, by the chairman of the jury of the festival and twice Oscar-winning director Spike Lee, as well as the "Golden Globe Award" in the nomination "Best Short Film" for "in my garden"

In an interview with HollyWood News, Garin was laconic, explaining that he was very tired after the negotiations:

Unfortunately, I am not good at Italian, and Andrea does not know Russian, but we were still able to find a common language thanks to our translator. Fortunately, our company employs professionals who are always ready to help, even at the latest hours.


We hope that Andrea will accept our offer and join the jury of the film festival, with his experience and knowledge, as well as with his desire to conduct an international dialogue - we are all getting better and what we are doing, but now together, will definitely become even better.

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