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Sherif M. Awad joins Eternity Pictures as a Film Critic and expert at the Eternity Pictures International Film Festival

Sherif M. Awad

Eternity Pictures announces that mr. Sherif M. Awad joins the Alliance of Film Directors and Filmmakers, and also becomes a film critic and a leading expert of the international film festival Eternity Pictures. Business cooperation with Mr. Awad was made possible thanks to the business communication of the representative of Eternity Pictures Pavel Golovin, whose films were shown in 20 countries and had great success in the international film festival arena.

Sheriff M. Awad has considerable experience in the marketing services of film studios belonging to the "big six" community: 20th Century Fox, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, and Columbia – Tristar. In addition, Sheriff M. Awad is an active member of the International Federation of Film Press Fipresci , the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean FEDEORA, as well as a co-author of VARIETY and GUARDIAN magazines.

In an exclusive interview for Hollywood News, Igor Garin, CEO of Eternity Pictures, added: "Sheriff M. Awad has extensive experience, which we are ready to adopt and integrate, improve and create the best entertainment content, services and products in Russia and the CIS. I am sure that now I can say with absolute accuracy that Eternity Pictures is part of the circle of communication and interaction with people who are constantly raising the standards of world cinema."

Igor Garin also hinted that the Eternity Pictures Film Festival in 2023 will adjust the strategy of presence and development in Russia.

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