International Press-release

Eternity Pictures announces launch of its own portfolio of short films

Starting April 1, 2022, Eternity Pictures will start developing, producing and distributing in Russia short films of a special collection, which will be included in a single portfolio of short films of the film company of the same name. The films will only be available through Eternity Pictures' "Watch Online" service.

The production of a short film format according to the canons of world film production solves a number of business problems and goals for Eternity Pictures, adding the possibility of distribution in Russia and the CIS. Eternity Pictures' portfolio of short films will completely displace members of the Connect and Classics programs by ending distribution and availability support on Eternity Pictures. This decision was made due to the expediency of own production, which will be implemented on the basis of world film production protocols.

The production of the Paintings will start on April 01, 2022.

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