International Press-release

Eternity Pictures announces the completion of filming of a short film included in the portfolio of original shorts

Eternity Pictures Entertainment announces the completion of the production phase of the first commercial film Incarnation, inaugurating the portfolio of original short films.

The incarnation will be widely available on IVoD (type TVoD) on its own digital service "Watch Online" for 24 hours of rental. The film will have its world premiere in autumn 2022.

Eternity Pictures Chairman & CEO Igor Garin noted the release of the film with words about the beginning of a new era of filmmaking: “We are embarking on a difficult and exciting journey to create entertainment products, services and technologies, in which Incarnation becomes the starting point in the birth of our story, which I see in the future under under the auspices of a high-tech global film company. Integrating world-class standards into our products, a professional team of top-notch talent and technology are the foundation for us now and in the future.”

The film was directed by Pavel Golovin, who previously worked on the production and release of the film "Nameless", which became famous on the world film festival stage.

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