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"Chicago incident" got the green light for revision in the direction of scaling

Eternity Pictures Incarnation is moving forward towards its logical conclusion in post-production and a further release this fall, but it's fair to wonder why Eternity Originals' second 1930s America project hasn't been given a full green light yet. The company said the project, called the "Chicago Incident," has been put on hold indefinitely.

The cameras haven't started filming yet, which means the creative team has plenty of time to bring the project up to the standards that Eternity Pictures Entertainment CEO Igor Garin sets for all future EPE films.

The company is currently focusing on producing mid-budget Eternity Originals films that will be included in the original shorts package and will be shown on its own streaming service, Watch Online.

According to Garin, he would prefer to create higher quality projects that would require more money, but still meet the standards of world film production. That is why the project "Chicago Incident" may take on a much larger scale than expected. Garin intends to raise additional funding to rework the project into a feature full film.

The film is in the final stages of development and the studio has not yet confirmed the final cast. The script was written by Pavel Golovin, who directed Incarnation. The official synopsis of the film, as well as the promotional poster, have already become available for review on the Watch Online service.

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