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Short Film Academy (SFA) — Short Film Academy. The Academy's members are members of the film sector from around the world, with international recognition and extensive award-winning experience in the industry.

The Academy pursues the following goals:
  • cinema promotion,
  • experience exchange,
  • search and attraction of talents for cooperation,
  • popularization of commercial short films.

Academy members take part in a digital vote based on professional status to select SFA Award nominees.


  • International composition of the Academy members.
  • High standards. The Academy is based on international industry standards, which guarantees complete transparency of all procedures and processes, including selection, digital voting and awarding.
  • Digital innovation. The award is held online using remote technologies: from application submission and digital voting to convenient integration of winning films into the “Watch Online” service* and convenient remote organization of work for Academy members. All this is possible due to the development of digital innovations and website improvements.
  • Confidentiality and information protection.
Stage 1 (first). SFA Membership Application Process
SFA members form a community of film and arts professionals and emerging talents from around the world who share our vision, values and mission for the global advancement of the film and arts industries.

SFA membership allows you to identify new talent, as well as recognize their level of qualifications and excellence, opening the door to new opportunities and development prospects in their industry. SFA membership is not allowed to be politicized. Academy members are invited to vote for the SFA Awards, engaging with every film and art entry submitted from around the world to make expert selections based on their expertise.

The doors of SFA Membership are open to people actively building their careers in the film industry (movies, digital video content, games, television industry, theaters, universities of culture and art, film schools and others). Mandatory criteria assessed at the verification stage are the level of education received and/or completed (completed) and the quality of one’s portfolio.

Submitting an electronic application for membership in the Short Film Academy (SFA) is carried out in three stages:
  • Initial submission of documents for membership in the SFA. At this stage, the senior management team and/or designees of Eternity Pictures Entertainment are reviewing the electronic application for SFA membership.
  • If approved, the applicant for SFA membership will receive a formal email invitation to become a member of the SFA.
  • After paying for membership within the stipulated annual rate, the applicant receives the status of a member of the Short Film Academy (SFA).

Membership types:
  • Honorary Membership: exclusively for world-class professionals who are known throughout the world or within their country of origin.
  • Basic (main) membership: for filmmakers who are active professionally and working in the industry.
  • Membership under special conditions.

Below you can find the qualification requirements set by the SFA for potential candidates for SFA member status in 15 significant categories:
Stage 2 (second). SFA Membership Rates
Directors, casting directors, actors, writers, cinematographers, editors, costume designers, production designers, makeup artists, visual effects creators, special effects creators, composers, sound engineers, producers, creators can apply for membership in the SFA (Short Film Academy). short animation (film) from around the world, speaking and/or understanding English (excellent English language skills) under the following conditions:

  1. The Short Film Academy (SFA) membership fee entitles you to participate in qualifying events as part of your professional status, including digital voting. SFA members are held to SFA's high standards throughout their membership.
  2. The SFA membership fee is 140 euros or 140 dollars, depending on the currency in your country of residence and work.
  3. Membership is activated for a period of 1 year and can be extended (extended) at the request and discretion of the SFA member by paying the annual membership fee under the conditions provided for the above categories of industry professionals.
  4. Payment for membership, as well as participation in the activities of the Short Film Academy itself, is carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis.
  5. Submission of an electronic application is carried out through your Eternity Pictures personal account.
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