Publish a studio object or location in the database of Eternity Picture
2-5 photos of the location \ object for the card file
Technical passport of the object (drawing of the object with all dimensions and indications of amenities) (to provide if available; desirable for studio premises and large-sized objects)
Attach all available documents on the object (our recommendations, preferably): price list for rent (hours\days\months, as convenient), ownership (copy) (recommended), lease terms on your part (in the form of a document available for reading in Word or PDF), as well as any other document which are preferable on your part.
Attention! It takes some time to process the application. Please wait for our response at the email address indicated on the form regarding the status of the form review. As soon as the studio object or location is added, we will inform you. Please, form a new application for each new location or object. This is important for the convenience of information processing.
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