Members of the Academy
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1. Branka Besevich Gajic, Director (Serbia); Bio
2. Andrea Lodovichetti, Director (Italy); Bio
3. Olympia Mytilinaiou, D.O.P (Greece); Bio
4. Sherif M. Awad, Film Critic (USA); Bio
5. Alexander Grabovetskiy, Wood carver (USA); Bio
6. Salavat Fidayevich Fidai, Sculptor (Russia); Bio
7. Christian Rodrigo, Actor (Spain); Bio
8. Kalliopi Villy Kotoula, Producer (Greece); Bio
9. Sandip Pratihar, Director (India); Bio
10. Narek Nazaryan, Editing Director (Armenia); Bio
11. Inna Blokhina, Director (USA), Bio
12. Hasan Najmabadi, Director (Iran), Bio