Academy of Short Film Awards
    Academy of Short Film Awards (ASFA) — Academy of Short Film Awards. The members of the Academy are specialists of the cinematography sector from all over the world, who have worldwide recognition and extensive experience in the industry, awarded with many awards.

    The Academy pursues the following goals:
    • promotion of cinema,
    • exchange of experience,
    • finding and attracting talents for cooperation,
    • popularization of the commercial short meter.

    Academy members participate in digital voting according to their professional status, selecting nominees for the ASFA Award.


    • International membership of the Academy.
    • High standards. The Academy is based on international industry standards, which guarantees full transparency of all procedures and processes, including selection, digital voting and award.
    • Digital innovations. The award is held online using remote technologies: from application submission and digital voting to convenient integration of winning films into the TV+ service* and convenient remote organization of work for Academy members. All this is possible due to developing digital innovations and improving the website.
    • Confidentiality and protection of information.

  • Submit a film for the ASFA Award:

    Movie Category: Short Meter;

    Subcategory of films: feature films, animated films, animated films, documentaries.

    Time limit: no more than 45 minutes, including credits;


    Online on this page. The application fee is 100 € \ $.
    Submit in tab "Submit a film for the ASFA Award".

    18 years and older

    Russian and international cinematographers.

    For more information, see the "Submit a film for the ASFA Award" tab


    Become an ASFA member::

    More information in the "Become a member of the ASFA Academy" tab

    Application submission:

    Stage 1: Verification of the participant.
    Stage 2: Approval or rejection.
    Stage 3: Membership payment.
Information block I "To submit a short film for the ASFA Award": information for foreign producers and directors of short films living outside Russia and the CIS.
Information block I item 2: Awards: Unique figurine from the Academy, cash prize 2000 $.
Block I. item 3: Submit a short film for an award
You can submit your short film for the ASFA award up to April 20, 2025, but it is better to do it in advance. As soon as we receive payment, you can submit your film. To do this, after payment, please pre-register in your personal account and stay in touch. In the future, we will issue access to the application form, as payment will be received by us. We emphasize that payment is made for access to the limited functionality of the site, which will allow you to submit a film. Only your talent, diligence and quality of the picture matter in the fight for the best.
Information block II "Becoming a member of the ASFA Academy": information for foreign producers, directors, actors and other specialists of the cinema industry of short and full-length films living outside Russia and CIS countries (abroad)
Block II. Item 1: ASFA Membership Application Process
ASFA members form a community of film and arts professionals and young talents from around the world who share our vision, values and mission to advance the film and arts industry globally.

ASFA membership allows new talent to be identified and their level of skill and expertise to be recognized, paving the way for new opportunities and growth opportunities in the industry. Membership in ASFA has no right to be politicized. Academy members are invited to vote for the ASFA awards by engaging in every film and art submission submitted from all over the world to make an expert selection based on their professionalism.

We are currently open for membership applications through this site. ASFA Membership doors are open to people who are actively building their careers in the film industry (movies, digital video content, games, television industry, theaters, universities of culture and art, film schools and others).

The application is submitted in two stages:
Stage 1: Verification, at the end of which the person's request is Approved or Rejected.
Stage 2: Upon approval, access to membership payment is issued.

You can apply through your Personal Account (Account ID)
Block II. Item 2: Annual Membership Fees
ASFA members living in different territories of the world, speaking their national language and knowing English:

1. The ASFA General Membership Fee is the standard and entitles the ASFA member to conduct qualifying events within their professional status and participate in digital voting as part of the awards. Total membership cost (depending on currency) is: 250 $ \ €. Payment is made on the site in your account.

2. Membership is activated after payment for a period of 1 year.

3. Renewal of membership remains with the member of the Academy at his will and discretion.
Block II. item 3: Voting procedure
Type- 1) Voting procedure for nominations
Awards are presented for outstanding individual or collective achievement in the field of film or the arts. Most of the categories are nominated by members of the Academy of the corresponding category - actors nominate actors, film editors nominate film editors, etc.

All voting members have the right to choose nominees for Best Film.

The voting procedure for nominations is carried out using online ballots on the side of an internal digital service in the Eternity Pictures digital services ecosystem (Digital Voting Service). All votes are counted automatically by the distribution system and then the results are announced*.

* Results may be announced live offline or online (depending on the availability of the conditions for the in-person ceremony).

Type- 2) Final voting procedure
The final voting procedure is also carried out using online ballots on the side of the internal digital service Eternity Pictures (Digital Voting Service). All votes are counted automatically by the distribution system. During the final vote, all ASFA categories are on the ballot for voting by members of the Academy.

After counting the final ballots, the results are known only to representatives of global governance (global governance) until the moment of official public publication*

* Results may be announced live offline or online (depending on the availability of the conditions for the in-person ceremony).
Block II. item 4: Qualification requirements for potential members of the ASFA Academy
Information about current members of the Academy ASFA is on another page:
Activate or renew ASFA Academy member status (€ \ $)

Select payment currency:
The amount of payment depending on the selected currency will vary, which is the norm and different tax calculations. All payments are official and are carried out within the framework of the law.
After payment:

1. Register an Account ID (link);
2.Don't lose your Account ID password!
3. Write to us by e-mail or via the feedback form information about the payment: provide in the letter the e-mail that was specified in the payment; the date of payment and the payer (Name, Surname); you can also attach a scanned copy or an electronic copy of the payment receipt.
4. After checking the information, we will grant access to the application, which is filled out by all new members of the ASFA Academy.

If you have an invitation, please provide your email address (feedback form). We will check and get in touch. But also create a free account (link);. Accesses are all issued inside it.