About us
Eternity Pictures Entertainment (Eternity Pictures; сокр. EPE) — film company in Russia (startup). EPE's global operations include: motion picture production, acquisition and distribution; television content production; production and distribution of digital content; development and distribution of interactive content (games for consoles and PC); operating studio facilities and developing new entertainment products, services and technologies.

EPE's current business model allows for the production and distribution of competitive and high margin products in the entertainment industry. The main and fundamental is the active application of world industry standards that affect the quality of production and management processes. All stages of development and distribution of products and services are strictly regulated and controlled by internal standards.

On the territory of Russia and the CIS, he develops cooperation with producers for the production of films of various lengths and genres. Eternity Pictures is increasing the potential for business interaction through internal divisions, including Academy of Short Film Awards (ASFA).

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