International film festival Eternity Pictures Festival
20 MAY 2020
About the festival
"Eternity Pictures Festival" - the 1st international film festival of Russia, an independent online platform for the development of Russian cinema and art. He is one of the integrators of modern cinema created by private Directors.

"Eternity Pictures Entertainment" is the organizer of the festival. The main value is the development of Russian cinema, the promotion of high-quality, talented works.

Article 1
The annual international film festival "Eternity Pictures Festival "(hereinafter referred to as the" Festival") is a screening competition for films that have received a rating from the festival Commission.
Article 2
The goal of the Festival is to review the latest film productions, support young filmmakers with the promotion of Russian and foreign films (selected works of Festival participants) on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries, using modern media platforms (the festival's website, the website of the film company and one of the major Russian social media-Vkontakte). Increasing the significance and importance of cinema, its significance in society and people's lives.
Article 3
The festival is held online and is held within the terms approved by the Festival Management. The 1st festival session will be held on may 20, 2020.
Article 4
The program of the Festival and the order of viewing and selection of films is determined by the Festival Management.
Article 5
The Festival includes: the main competition program (3 main prizes in monetary terms); non-competition program (online screenings of winning films in Russia and CIS countries in the category of "Premiere screening" through the official sites of the Festival in social media).
Article 6
To participate in the main and non-competitive programs of the Festival, short and full-length films that claim prizes from any of the programs in an equal score are accepted. Russian Russian films must be made in Russian or other languages (with Russian subtitles). Recommended values that participants can rely on (but are not mandatory): short films up to 30 minutes long, full-length films up to 60 minutes long.
Article 7
Films applying for inclusion in the main and non-competitive programs are sent to the Festival Directorate in the completed version in the form of electronic links accompanied by an online questionnaire in the period from "12" January 2020 to "20" April 2020. Links must be downloadable and viewed.

Films sent after the specified deadline will not be considered.
Article 8
The final decision to include the film in the competition program (with extension to the non-competitive program in case of loss in the main competition) is made by the selection Committee, which reserves the right not to explain the reason for the refusal and not to comment.
Article 9
In case of a positive decision to accept the film in the shortlist, you must pay the registration fee of one thousand rubles (via the button in the upper panel of the site "Pay for participation").
Non-paid applications cancel the possibility of participating in the Festival.
Article 10
The film company has the right to make advertising integration of winning films on its platforms with the indication of the film's plot, Director and, if necessary, additional clarifications (main actors, etc.).
Article 11
As a result of the qualifying rounds, 3 winners of the main competition program are determined, where the prize is the monetary equivalent. A cash prize will be transferred into the national currency of the winner of the Festival and sent to the stated requisites; not less than 14 winners in the competition program, where the prize are first run organized by Eternity Pictures (Releasing unit), on the territory of Russia and CIS countries; not more than 1 winner in the competition, where the prize is a watch approved by the company (and / or otherwise).

The winners will be published on the Festival's website on may 20, 2020. In the qualifying stages, online voting is used (via the official community of the film company vk.com (social network)

Article 12
The Festival Directorate (the organizing film Company) appoints a Selection Committee (Jury) consisting of specialists of national culture and cinema (specialists undergo the identification procedure based on the level of professionalism, media quality and other characteristics presented to them on behalf of the General organizer of the Festival). This information is not disclosed.
Article 13
Winners of the Festival are awarded with Cash prizes and Electronic certificates (Diplomas); (the Main competition) and a Premiere screening (at least 1st), of the appropriate scale. Details are given in the section " Prize Fund"
Article 14
Persons over 18 years of age are allowed to participate. Persons under the age of 18 are allowed and pay for participation with the consent of their parents. If a person under the age of 18 participates (receives an application), it is automatically considered that they have received their parents ' consent.
Article 15
Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all articles of this Regulation.
nomination «the best film»
nomination «the best male role»
nominated for «best female role»
«best Director nomination»
nomination «the best scenario»
nomination «best cinematography»
nominated for «best visual effects»
nomination «best editing»
nomination «the best soundtrack»
nominated for «best makeup»
Prize fund
basic competition
the number of winners to three people
25 000 rub
Take part
15 000 rub
Take part
non-competitive program
Number of Winners-at least 14
50 000 views'
Take part
30 000 views'
Take part
10 000 views'
Take part
5 000 views
Take part
Watch (brand: Vacheron Constantin (Р))
Take part
The short list

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